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2014-05-08 by Natasha

If there's such a thing as a first-time dad glow, Curtis Stone has it. The famed chef, who renewed his vows with wife Lindsay Price on July 27, told E! News he's having a blast as a new dad and husband, when he stopped by the E! Courtyard to whip up some ceviche Friday. When asked how he juggles his personal life and career (he also just released a book, What's For Dinner), Stone told Giuliana Rancic and Terrence Jenkins, "I get dizzy thinking about it. I'm a busy boy, but it's been a lot of fun, I'm having the best time of my life". And what is his favorite part about being a father to the couple's 20-month-old son Hudson? "I think it's probably watching Lindsay with him", Curtis went on. "She's such a beautiful mom, but to watch him with her—to watch them interacting, it's so special". Stone and Price married June 8 in Mallorca, Spain, after he popped the question during a trip to the Amalfi Coast in July 2012.

2014-04-20 by Natasha

It's 5.30am and Curtis Stone’s publicist is already knocking at the front door of his mum’s Clifton Springs home. Curtis is inside with hot coffees ready and waiting to fuel what will be a hectic day of back-to-back appointments, scheduled from sunrise until sunset. This is nothing out of the ordinary for the charismatic cook, whose rise to culinary fame has seen him join the ranks of some of the world’s top-rated chefs. But nothing comes without some blood, sweat and tears, according to the popular chef who made his debut in a kitchen at age four. When gt catches up with Curtis he has just finished a supermarket appearance in Geelong West and is about to head to the Bellarine to cook for a bunch of kids. “It’s bloody hard work and always has been”, Curtis says of the demands of his sizzling career. “But we also get to do some pretty incredible things”. One role he relishes is that of ambassador for Queenscliff’s Cottage By The Sea. So despite a packed calendar, he made time to whip up Devonshire tea for 6oo at the charity’s open garden day in Drysdale last weekend. With so many commitments, Curtis rarely gets a minute to relax. But he confesses it was the rock star lifestyle that lured him into the world of food. “It’s a bit like playing competitive sport”, says Curtis, who is as driven as he is passionate. “The stronger you get from your training the faster you can move and the higher you can perform”. And perform he has. Curtis has signed a lucrative contract as ambassador of supermarket giant Coles, has worked as an in-flight menu consultant for United Airlines, is a celebrated chef, TV personality, New York Times best-selling author, and creator of popular kitchenware line Kitchen Solutions By Curtis. And with restaurateur now added to his impressive menu of achievements, it’s clear he is cooking on all burners. “It’s been a crazy couple of years but it’s also been a lot of fun”, Curtis says as he crouches to pose for a photo, holding a tray of fresh food. “But I love what I do so it never feels like work for me”. For Curtis, who spends three months a year in Australia and the other nine in the US, home is where the heart is. And for him, that’s in LA with his wife – actor Lindsay Price, their two-year-old son Hudson and pet dog Sully, a golden retriever. “Being away from your family is the hardest thing about travelling”, he admits. “That’s amplified when you have a young kid; you have to find those precious minutes to speak to them from the other side of the world". “It’s really tough but it makes the coming home even sweeter”. But life isn’t going to slow down once he’s back in LA. Curtis is set to star in a new reality cooking show called Top Chef Duels and will begin working on a new cookbook – which is due for release later this year. He also juggles family life with running a new restaurant. “I try to get up pretty early so I can spend some time with Hudson”, Curtis says. “We have a bit of breakfast, do some cooking together and play a little Thomas the Tank Engine”. Then it’s time to get down to business. “Most of my day is spent at the restaurant”, Curtis, 38, says of the intimate 25-seat eatery, which opened earlier this year. “I’m there until 12, sometimes one in the morning, so it’s a pretty long day". “It’s been challenging for a guy who’s about to turn 40”, he adds with a grin. “I feel like the old man of the kitchen. It stretches me creatively and that’s what I love about it”. Maude – named after his late grandmother – features a 13-course tasting menu structured around one ingredient at the peak of its season. When asked to name some of its celebrity clientele, Curtis says a good chef doesn’t cook and tell. “All sorts of exciting people have been there”, he says. “But I’ve told my staff that they’re not allowed to talk about the guests – so I better practice what I preach". “You get certain people in who make you think ‘I better do a good job of this’ and it puts you on edge a little". “But as long as they enjoy food, I love cooking for them”. And while his high-flying LA lifestyle couldn’t be further from his Melbourne upbringing, his exclusive Beverly Hills restaurant is a constant reminder of the humble kitchens that inspired his love for food. “My granny (Maude) was a sweet old lady,” Curtis reflects, his voice warm with affection". “She was the first person who got me interested in food". “I remember running to her fridge when I was about four to see if there was fudge in there. She made this delicious Yorkshire-style fudge and if there wasn’t any left she’d let me make it with her". “She was a good teacher”. Inspiring a love of cooking is part of the reason Curtis was back in his hometown this week. This time he was encouraging us to all get a healthy start to the day as part of his role as the face of the Coles Feed Your Family Breakfast campaign. It is a message he appreciates even more now that he is a dad. “You leave behind an incredible legacy if you can teach your kids to eat healthily”, Curtis enthuses. “I probably didn’t care about that so much as a youngster, but (fatherhood) has made me so thankful for how our mum fed us growing up”. He is also appreciative of the values she instilled in him, his brother and sister, from a young age that were often learned while gathering at the family table. “A home-cooked meal is about getting your family together at the dinner table, hearing one another’s triumphs and tribulations and taking the time to appreciate one another”, he says of the ritual, one he has continued in his own family. “We always sit down together, set the table and use our manners. They are such simple things but they mean so much to us”. And though his successful career has seen him cook for some of the world’s biggest names, including Madonna and Oprah Winfrey, Curtis says cooking for his nearest and dearest is still his greatest honour. “I love cooking for my family”, he says with pride. “There is nothing better”. Curtis says his busy schedule didn’t allow him to explore the region’s cafes or restaurants this time around; however there were a couple of meals he’s glad he had time for. “Mum cooked one night and the other we actually just got fish and chips from the Jetty Road Fish & Chip shop”, he says. “It was nice to splurge and do that”. When asked if a move back to Australia might be on the cards, Curtis tells us you can never say never. “At the moment I’ve got the best of both worlds”, he says. “But if the timing was right I would love to move back some day”.


2014-04-10 by Natasha

Smash alum Christian Borle has a new leading lady. Eastwick and Beverly Hills, 90210 alum Lindsay Price has been cast opposite the Tony winner in NBC's comedy pilot Lifesaver. Lifesaver asks the question: How do you get rid of the most maddening person in the world after he's given you a kidney? It's described as an odd-couple comedy in which two polar opposites (Borle, Jonathan Ryland) become inextricably linked. Lindsay will portray Dr. Jennifer McGuire, Graham's (Borle) girlfriend and a doctor at the hospital with him. When Leon (Ryland) comes to town, she enjoys that her partner is more "dangerous" than normal and doesn't mind Leon in the way that her boyfriend does. Repped by UTA, Untitled and Hansen Jacobson, Price's credits also include Lipstick Jungle, Pepper Dennis and Coupling. Wil Calhoun (Friends) penned the Universal Television script and will exec produce the multicamera comedy alongside Peter Traugott and Rachel Kaplan.

2014-02-12 by Natasha

Lindsay Price takes her son Hudson out for a relaxing stroll through her neighborhood in Los Angeles, California on February 10, 2014.


2014-02-05 by Natasha

Curtis and Lindsay attend the 2014 G'Day USA Los Angeles Black Tie Gala at JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE on January 11, 2014 in Los Angeles, California. 

2014-02-01 by Natasha

I've created a new section: house. It's about residence Mr. & Mrs. Stone! Check and look what they life what! They move into $3.1m home together in 2011. The spacious home comes with several bedroom, fitness room and a kitchen fit for a professional chef. With plenty of outdoor space, the couple will have more than enough room to entertain in and the house is outfitted with a large patio with gorgeous views and a luscious swimming pool.

2014-02-01 by Natasha

A lot of new photos in gallery. I know, it's about time!
- Spotted at the Chateau Marmont (11 July 2013)
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- Shopping at Whole Foods in Los Angeles (17 July 2012)
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- Lindsay with Hudson Walking (15 May 2012)
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- Lindsay and Curtis Out with Hudson (3 May 2012)
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- Arrive in Sydney with Their Son Hudson (10 April 2012)
- Walk in a Local Dog Park (5 February 2012)
- Spotted at the Sunset Plaza Shopping Center (27 September 2011)
- Leaving Starbucks in Los Angeles (18 August 2011)
- Pregnant Lindsay Walking in the Hollywood Hills (24 July 2011)
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- Shopping at a Bridal Jewellery Store (5 July 2011)
- Shopping with Curtis (2 July 2011)
- Arriving for a Flight at LAX (24 June 2011)
- Shopping at Barney's New York (22 December 2010)
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Rockin' Ever After (2013)
- Stars at the Lexus Live Party (2013)
- CBS Teacher's Rock Special Live Concert (2012)
- Celebs at the Kentucky Derby (2011)
- Lindsay's Baby Shower (2011)
- Ana Ortiz at the Pre-Emmy Baby Product Suite (2011)
- Celebrites Attending Black Eyed Peas' Benefit Concert (2011)
- G'Day USA Los Angeles Black Tie Gala (2011)
- Children Raising Children Event (2010)
- Arcade Boutiques Autumn Party Benefiting Children's Institute (2010)
- The HollyRod Foundation 12th Annual Design Care (2010)
- The Sorcerer's Apprentice' Benefit Screening (2010)

2013-03-22 by Natasha

With Hudson comes humor! Lindsay Price welcomed her first child, son Hudson, with her chef fiance Curtis Stone in November 2011, and the new mom tells Us Weekly she hasn't stopped smiling since. "I have to have a better sense of humor than I did before", the actress said with a laugh when asked about her approach to life since giving birth. The Beverly Hills, 90210 and Lipstick Jungle alum, 36, explains that her priorities quickly shifted in the time since her baby boy came into the picture. "Work used to be the No. 1 important thing to me. Everything revolved around it and to have a new perspective and have something else, my family, not just being a mom but being a part of an incredible family of my own it makes me have a different perspective on life that I think is richer", confirms Price, who has a built-in mommy support system in celeb pals and fellow parents Sarah Michelle Gellar, Rebecca Romijn, Tiffani Thiessen and Sara Rue. At home with Hudson and Stone, 37, Price is always on the go - and is choosing not to obsess over her post-baby figure like some other moms. "I'm almost [back to my original weight] but I haven't stressed about it. Curtis is like, 'taste this salted caramel pot-de creme.' I can't not taste his work because it's his passion, so it's a struggle to keep the pounds off," Price says. "I think life is about being healthy and happy and I'm running around after Hudson all the time. I'm never sitting down!". By the way Hudson looks just like Lindsay :) 


2013-01-24 by Natasha

It sounds like wedding bells are getting louder for Lindsay Price and fiancé Curtis Stone. "We are going to do something small", the Lipstick Jungle actress told us at the G'Day USA Los Angeles Black Tie Gala about planning their impending getaway nuptials. "We're going to do something away from home and we're going to do it over four days". Lindsay says wedding planning has been a little harder since she and Stone welcomed their 1-year-old son Hudson back in November 2011. "My hands are full, we do both have full hands", she laughed, adding, "Hopefully [it will happen] sooner than later, as long as everyone says that they can make it". Price says little Hudson will be a part of the ceremony "if he wants to be. I'm not going to force him. It would be nice to have him be a part of the ceremony. He's walking and talking". As for the most important part of the wedding planning: the dress?! "It would have been the first thing that I would think about, I love fashion so much, but I haven't had time to go look", she admitted. "I'm dying. I'm actually supposed to go to New York and the stylist for Lipstick Jungle, Amy Roth, she's going to help me find a dress. I'm very relaxed about it". We cant wait to see the gorgeous couple's wedding album!  

2013-01-18 by Natasha

Lindsay attends the 2013 G'Day USA Los Angeles Black Tie Gala at JW Marriott Los Angeles at L.A. LIVE on January 12, 2013 in Los Angeles, California.  

2012-12-10 by Natasha
Hello there! Long time no see? I know. I'm so sorry for being so busy and lazy. Particularly she is still my fave actress (have been 12 years!) As you can see i've designed new layout. It's a good start, right? As far as i know this is still the one and only site about Lindsay Price. It means that she do not have even official page. I've updated her biography because she is dating Curtis Stone and they have a child, son named Hudson since November 2011. Later I will add much more news and other media.